The Los Angeles Interfaith Network, an activity of UDC, spent a number of months developing a Global Code of Living within the last couple of years.  The project is not completed, but it appears that the time for enlarging the number of individuals and groups seeking to participate in and complete the project has now come.  The urgency has become even more crucial with the national Presidential campaign and the ethical and spiritual issues which it is raising.

Below are both the Global Code of Living and Twelve Universal Avoidances for your consideration.  If you would like to be part of this project, please respond by email or phone, so that you can be included in helping to make the final decision before we start to use these two documents.



When we seek fulfillment in our lives by following a particular path, so that we may realize our total potential, and if we can relate to the many other paths, we should be able to find a place for the following twelve guidelines:


(1)           Be in touch with the Spirit of All Life, called by any name or no name.

(2)           Practice meditation, contemplation, and/or prayer.

(3)           Show all-embracing love toward all beings.

(4)       Experience the true nature of our self and our universe.

(5)           Cultivate truth, respect, and gratitude.

(6)          Live simply and harmoniously with our whole self.

(7)       Use our energy for vigorous and constructive activity.

(8)           Rejoice in our connection with all human beings and all life.

(9)    Strive for peaceful family and community development.

(10)             Get involved in improving the world’s condition.

(11)              Preserve the best of our universal heritage.

(12)             Take heart and act upon our ideals.


May we experience each of these dimensions of our total being and discover their interconnections.  At the same time, we ask to become a responsible participant in the emerging global civilization based on the dynamic integration of diversity among all peoples and all life.



A Global Code of Living is an affirmative declaration of principles to live by in the unity-and-diversity global civilization now emerging.  However, while we are affirming what to do, it is also important to state what types of conduct are essential to avoid in order to clear the way for what is possible.  Below are twelve such avoidances:

Those who seek to be fulfilled individuals will resolve to avoid the following temptations;

(1)  Living as if no Higher Power exists.

(2)  Needlessly killing any living creature.

(3)  Committing adultery.

(4)  Taking what is not ours.

(5)  Telling lies.

(6)  Gambling, overeating, or hoarding material goods.

(7)  Being prejudiced against any ethnicity, culture, or religion

(8)  Hating another person or form of life.

(9)  Living in fear and anger.

(10) Damaging or destroying property

(11) Smoking, drinking excess alcohol, or using other drugs

(12) Doing anything which keeps the energy of the Higher Power from expressing itself in every aspect of our life!