By Leland Stewart

Today is a special day that occurs once a year, and our world situation requires that we give Mother’s Day a unique character based upon the time in which we find ourselves.

It is clear that there is a rise in the place of women in world affairs, which is brought about by the need for balance between the contributions of men as more aggressive and head-centered approaches, to the more heart-centered contributions of women.  This is particularly true of mothers, who are given the responsibility of caring for children.

My calling at this time is for all women, but especially mothers, to come forth with their heart-centered capability and help transform the world into a caring society, one which transcends war and violence in favor of peace and harmony among all peoples.  The world has much to learn about how to live harmoniously, and the time has come for this learning to take place.  We need to respect each other and to listen to each other’s thoughts and prayers.  We are one global community, and we need to act as a responsible community of people who care for each other and know we are being called upon to come together as one global society.

Whenever I think about Mother’s Day, I immediately think of the importance of the family, in which mothers, fathers, and children need to become one unit that respects each other and acts accordingly.  We have Mother’s Day, and we have Father’s Day, but the unit is the family, and both the mother and the father need to play their part in raising a family.  It is time that we established Family Day and paid more attention to seeing the relationship between mother and father, and of course children as well.

As a Unity-and-Diversity World Council, we need to put our focus on the balance of mothers, fathers, and children.  They are a unit, and within that unit is a great diversity of age and perspective.  It is our opportunity at this time to put our attention on harmonizing these different perspectives.  While there are many different types of families, there are some basic values that are common between them.  Most of all, each member of the family needs to respect the other members and respond to their concerns.

A family is a unit when each of the members of that family does listen to the views of the other members and acts accordingly.  The diversity consists of the different perspectives of the various members of the family, whereas the unity is the cooperative spirit that arises when each of the family members respects the others and acts accordingly.  The family is the most intense unit in our society because of the closeness of the members’ interactions, so it requires a special effort to listen carefully and respond to meeting the needs expressed.

On this Mother’s Day, may we become more conscious of our families and the effort it takes to keeps them functioning as a total body.  May that consciousness grow with each day in the future.


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